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What We Do

We're here to help you–whether you need to launch a new business, build your current business, establish better processes, or define and promote your brand. At Good Eggs & Co., we oversee a carefully selected group of experts, including designers, copywriters, developers and industry experts. We take care of the flock, so your team can focus on the work they do best. Here are some of the things we can do for you:

Join Your Nest

Has your COO/CEO/CMO/GM flown the coop?  Are they trapped under something heavy (like a lot of work)?  Or are you just not currently in a position to need (or pay) for a full time resource?  We have, and can, fill that seat, put your house in order, and help develop the structure, processes and resources you need to fly on your own.

Build Your Nest

Maybe you have all the big wigs you need, but they are too tied up in the every day to-do’s to get to the big stuff. We can do that too. Here are just some of the ways we can help:

The Business

  • Infrastructure – process development & documentation, reporting & analysis
  • Business analysis, financial modeling & strategic planning
  • HR – recruiting, hiring, performance managementent

The Brand

  • Marketing & PR, with a focus on digital strategies
  • Brand audit, positioning, architecture, messaging
  • Customer feedback & research
  • Competitive review & analysis
  • Content strategy development & implementation
  • Copywriting & design

The Channels

  • E-Commerce development & enhancement – user experience, site and service optimization
  • Digital asset development (site, email, social media)
  • Email marketing strategies & implementation

Nest With Us

Maybe you just need a little time in the safety of the nest to bounce ideas, receive feedback and get inspired. We can also do that:

Nesting Session

A 90-minute brainstorm session with Joanna Track and Lori Track to assess your current business issue, discuss alternative strategies, debate pros and cons, and work towards desired outcomes. After the session, Good Eggs will provide a written summary of the discussion within 5 business days.

Executive Coaching

Need some one on one time?  We can provide coaching sessions to share ideas, work through professional roadblocks, gather unbiased feedback and hatch new business ideas.  Requires a 5 session commitment.

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