Four Email Newsletters I’m Reading (and Loving) Right Now

Rumours that “email is dead” have been greatly exaggerated.  Email marketing is alive and well, thank you very much.  According to Marketing Sherpa, 72% of consumers say that email is their favoured form of communication and 61% say they like to receive promotional emails weekly.  Go email!

Remember, that pretty little pink email that could?  I fell in love with email as a medium back in 2004, and I’m just as committed as ever.  Not just as a marketer, but as a consumer.

Here are some of the emails I’m currently devouring and why:

Lenny – the latest creative outlet for Girls creator Lena Dunham and her producer/friend, Jenni Konner.  This long format email goes deep on feminism, friendship, politics and more.  I love girls who support girls, and especially ones that do it smartly and with a sense of humour.

Need 2 Know – I was a fan of The Skimm until I was introduced to Need2Know.  It’s the shorter, little less silly version, dishing world news into 10 quick digestible bits, 5 days a week.  In their words, it’s “news over easy” and let’s face it, the news is so dark these days it’s easier to take it in small bites.

Vogue – I’ll admit it, they get me every time with their catchy headlines and their simple, yet sexy photos.  “Is 30 minutes a week enough for a better body?”  I didn’t know, but I found out.  And I now know the only 12 beauty products I need for 2016 (what will I do with the other few dozen in my closet?).  It’s a simple formula that they repeat over and over but it works.  And as glam as Vogue is, they keep the emails clean, simple and consistent, and I just keep on clicking.

Really Good Emails – need I say more?  Seriously, it’s an email that showcases really good emails and best practices for email marketing.  Their website is also a great resource for creative inspiration, breaking emails out by categories such as Transactional, Customer Service, Welcome and more.  And if you think your emails are publicity worthy, you can submit yours to be included.  How’s that for some good email love?