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True Patriot Love

What a time to be Canadian, eh? Our rowdy neighbours to the south are not only putting on a spectacle, but they’re also giving us one more reason to be feeling proud and patriotic. All this crazy American fanfare has truly made me more grateful than ever to be Canadian—but I’ve always tended to favour […]

What Was I Thinking?

By Joanna Track I love starting businesses. Yes, I do. While some people find that less palatable than root canal, for me, the inception is my sweet spot (see what I did there?). And the recent launch of my latest brain child, The Bullet, makes it my fourth time at this particular rodeo. While I’ve […]

Marketing Math: It’s Not Rocket Science

I know for many math feels just as daunting as rocket science (and more painful than root canal), but when it comes to making investment decisions for your business it all comes down to numbers. I often have the same chicken and egg discussion (I’m saving the egg jokes for later) with a client. It goes […]